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Rigorously brewed, with passion
a family brewery from the start

Since their very first brews in the family garage, the Laganière brothers have always had the intention to bring their products, of which they are proud, to as many people as possible. This is why, in November 2012, the small Lagabière Brewpub was born. Located in the heart of Old Saint-Jean, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Lagabière quickly became a must in the region for craft beer enthusiasts.

In 2016, the founding brothers had the idea of opening a second brewery, this time in the industrial sector. The idea was to produce bottled beer for distribution on the Quebec market. The success of Lagabière products, now offered in cans, made the brewery grow in record time and it continues to expand to this day.

its creation

From our perspective, beer should come with an element of pleasure. That’s why in our little microbrewery, we love what we do, and we have fun brewing all our beers. This love for beer is also reflected in hard work that respects the product.

The founding brothers remain at the centre of innovations every day. We’re proud to be the first brewery to put a NEIPA on the Quebec market and we continue to innovate every day, looking for beer ideas that will be surprising and memorable.

the Lagabière brewery

A brewery
you can count on !

  • Since the very start, we have always made sure to increase our production capacity to meet demand.
  • We produce a range of classic products that are well positioned on the market, as well as several seasonal products.
  • o Our representatives on the road offer a personalized and efficient service, everywhere in Quebec.
  • Our flexible delivery service serves most areas every two weeks, ensuring a constant supply.
  • For us, freshness is key. We advocate just-in-time delivery and have a free return policy on all of our products. So you can count on a fresh product, anywhere, anytime.
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