The Lagabière Experience

Once upon a while in the family garage...
The Lagabière Experience


The microbrewery is where we brew the original creations that you pick off the shelves of stores throughout Quebec. Visit our shop to buy exclusive products and to take a look at our production room.

The brewery

The brewpub

Lagabière’s mandate is to create unique craft beers that won’t fail to impress. At our Brewpub, you can taste our limited release products along with varied options from our food menu while enjoying a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The brewpub

Our brewery

Our story
from the beginning

November 2011

In the midst of developing their business plan, the Laganière brothers fall in love with the space on Richelieu Street. After a few visits, the lease is signed.

March 2012

The space is rented and the work begins. At first, there were just the four walls and everything had to be done from scratch.

September 2012

The brewing equipment arrives and its installation begins.

November 2012

First unofficial opening. At the time, Lagabière only offered guest beers. The first beer to show up on the blackboard was Captain Brian, a blonde with 4% alcohol that is still made to this day.

February 2013

The official opening party was held on February 9. It drew an impressive crowd and the menu offered a selection of locally brewed beers. It was the start of the Lagabière concept.

November 2015

Lagabière’s growing success starts to affect its capacity to offer varied beers on the blackboard. The Laganière brothers set out to find a place where they can open an industrial brewery in order to help supply the classic beers to the Bistro.

March 2016

A new space is found in the Iberville industrial park. Work begins and the brothers work hard all summer to set up their new brewery.

July 2016

The first brews take place at the beginning of July. Some test brews are made and are put into barrels only.

August 2016

At the Chambly Craft Beer Festival, Lagabière wins first prize in the Grande Brasse competition with its most popular beer, Ta Meilleure.

September 2016

Ta Meilleure is launched in 341 ml bottles jointly with the Southshore IPL. The Ordre de toast, the Fumée sans feu and the Apaisante are also released in 500 ml bottles.

September 2017

One year after bottling the products, the range is revised and Lagabière decides to start putting its beer into cans. The company completely abandons bottles for cans.

September 2018

One year after opting for cans, the beers continue to experience phenomenal success. The flagship product, Ta Meilleure, quickly becomes a staple on the Quebec brewing scene. Major investments in equipment are made to ensure production growth in function of demand.

July 2019

The brewery continues to grow until the premises it occupies have become too small. Construction plans for a new building begin and the owners set their sights on a lot in the Iberville industrial park.

The founding

The Laganière brothers were born into a family particularly fond of beer and gatherings. No wonder they developed a love and passion for this special beverage! Very young, they began all grain brewing in the family garage with makeshift equipment. They slowly but surely gathered enough equipment to have a nano-brewery at home! During their university studies in administration, they put together a business plan that led to the opening of their first brewery: the Brewpub on Richelieu Street that still stands today. Their beer has always been brewed with passion and pleasure. Although they currently have a team that they rely on for production, they remain at the heart of the creations and decisions surrounding beer production. “We brew what we like and we like what we drink!”

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A family affair
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